Do I need I provisional driving licence to start driving lessons?
Yes, you do. This is crucial. You must have a provisional driving licence. Please click the link below to if you need to apply for one. Your driving instructor will end should ask to see this on the first lesson. If you do not have one, they will not give you a lesson.
Is automatic quicker to pass than a manual driving test?

How many driving lessons does it take to pass your driving test?
This is a hard question, but unfortunately it doesn’t have an answer. Everyone has a different rate of learning, we have had learners who have passed after 10 lessons, 20 lessons, 50 lessons and even 100 lessons! According to research carried out by the Driving Standards Agency, the national average of driving tuition required to pass your driving test is around 45 hours of professional tuition and 22 hours of private practise.

Can I start driving lessons without having passed the theory test?
yes, you can

How do I book my Driving Test?
You can book your test Online or by phone, 0300 200 1122 you will need a valid UK provisional driving licence.

How long does the practical driving test last?
The practical driving test lasts approximately 40-55 minutes and will entail driving on different types of roads with various road conditions

How do I apply for a theory test?
You can book online or by phone 0300 200 1122

How do I book my first Driving lesson?
You can book online now or call the us on 07838440555 between 8am and 8pm daily.

Where does my lesson start and finish?
You instructor will pick you up and drop you off at a location to suit you – as far as possible. geting you from work, perhaps and dropping you at your residence. This clearly has to be within reason and must be discussed with your instructor at point of booking lessons.

How do I pay for my lessons?
There are a variety of payment methods which you can discuss with your instructor when booking your lesson, but cash or chq made out to your instructor are the best.

What do I do if I need to cancel a lesson?
When you instructor contacts you they will give you their contact details. Please give your instructor as much notice as possible in the event of you having to cancel your lesson. It is with regret that your instructor might have to charge you for a cancelled lesson if less than 48 hours notice is given, but this is rare and will be discussed with you as soon as your instructor is free to get in touch with you.